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It’s been a few years since the Youngstown-born singer Spencer Saylor has released new music to the world. His songwriter roots have evolved, adding electronic elements to his acoustic background with much success. “Tell Me You Agree”, produced by Lukalas, is an EDM paradise which fuses tropic drops and bouncy beats as Saylor speaks about unconditional love and the way he feels when he is with his girl.

Paired with rapper and Grandview native Oxenfree, “Tell Me You Agree” certainly has hip-hop in agreement to the song’s tropical production which effortlessly makes it a song you should add to your summer playlist.

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When asked
about the shift to more a electronic sound, Saylor explains that it was an organic transition from being on tour and doing shows.

“As I began opening for bigger and bigger artists, but sound started to incorporate full band, and later elements of MIDI and some heavy post production. Eventually those indie/alternative tracks started to transform into pop, then hip-hop and now electronic music.” 

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Although rest assured Spencer tends to keep his music authentic as he venture into this new sound.

“I’ll never be an artist who lets the radio impersonate his music into something it’s not, but I do know it’s important for listeners to like what you’re putting out and be semi-familiar with it. Artists like The Chainsmokers, Justin Bieber and Jon Bellion are taking the electronic music elements to a whole new level—people love it and so do I. I’ll welcome it into my sound with open arms.” 

In terms of a full-length album, time will tell as Saylor will be touring around the Midwest this summer. For now, satisfy your “song of the summer” cravings through our Spotify link below.

The Ohio artist’s last single, “24-7”, recently went to Spotify Platinum status. Saylor has toured with John Mayer and Phillip Phillips as well as electronic acts William Singe and Asher Roth.

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