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A lot has changed since the last time we spoke to local producer, Fallsteeze. For starters, he’s acquired manager Rook Jewel, also the founder of TooDope Collective. Christian’s bright future is one thing that Jewel believes in most and so far there’s been little disappointment.

Starting November 28th, Fallsteeze released four tracks on one of EDM.com’s most prestigious labels, Artist Intelligence Agency. With ten-million active listeners and over 100 million plays a month, it’s obvious why it’s such a sought after channel to land with a release. When asked what it means to have releases on through EDM.com, Fallsteeze claims:

“Its very gratifying because back several months ago they would always turn my music down, but now they feel like i’m finally producing music that is up to their standards. Meaning production quality, arrangement, and just the overall vibes of the tracks. So it’s really cool to know that they like what i’m doing and that I have their support.”

One of the four tracks, called “To the Dome” by Wrekloose and Luxur is a piece to the beginnings of Christan’s side project. While the Fallsteeze alias is known to dabble with any genre, Wrekloose is all about making bangers. Two big timers known together as Drbblz x Tovr are the other members of project Wrekloose.

The Fallsteeze and Klanked remix of Geronimus Brother’s “Joyride” also made it onto EDM.com’s Hegemon Label. With only 83 releases, Hegemon ensures the artist’s song reaches at least 100k plays. A feature on this label is no easy feat.

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Fallsteeze, Hegemon, Wrekloose, EDM, Life Backstage

Fallsteeze has made it clear that making a name for yourself takes more than just the average push of a button. With his continued effort towards creativity, the artist remains confident that his humble beginnings are making room for something much better. Listen to his most recent releases below and tell us what you think.

Neff Land (Original) – Fallsteeze & Derocc

Headstrung (Original) – Fallsteeze & Derocc

Joyride  – Geronimus Brothers (Fallsteeze and Klanked Remix)

To the Dome (Original) – Wrekloose & Luxur

Featured Photo: Collins Laatsch

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