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Like most of the EDM community, I am fascinated by the mysterious DJ known as marshmelloI’ve spent countless hours pondering over the man (or woman) behind the oversized campfire essential.  In an effort to solve this mystery,  I asked random #FEST goers to give me their best guesses to who is behind some of the hottest tracks in EDM right now. A few people might’ve been onto something…others not so much.



#marshmello #EDM #DJ #FEST

“Stay Puft from Ghostbusters”

– Evan N. Cleveland, OH

“It’s Martin Garrix. Look at their mannerism and logos, it’s all the same.”

-Adam T.  Long Beach, CA

“I don’t know who he is, we need s’more information.”

-Nathan A. Cleveland, OH

“It’s John Cena.”

-Jack J. Colorado Springs, CO

“That’s easy, definitely Dotcom.”

-Erin R. Rochester, NY

“Does it matter? Who cares about the person, enjoy the music.”

-Jen S. Columbus, OH


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As a bonus, the relatively new producer, Slushii, has also garnered speculation surrounding his identity. Though at first glance it may appear he is an anonymous producer, the man behind the music is actually Julian Scanlan. Though his identity is public knowledge, this did not stop people from offering up some interesting suggestions.


#Slushii #EDM #FEST

“It’s the bear from the Icee cups.

   Brad F. Chicago, IL

“It’s the dog from Slush Puppies.”

Catherine D. Cincinnati, OH 

“I’ve always assumed it was somebody big, like Skrillex.”

      Sadie A. Cleveland, OH 

“Don’t know, but she’s amazing”

Andrew S. Tampa, FL

 “Vice President Joe Bidden. He’s helping run the country and dropping a sick a beat”

 Aaron B. New York, NY

“Don’t mess with me, we all know it’s Julian Scanlan.”

Ellen P. Columbus, OH

 “It’s Sugar Ray and Ice Cube…get it?”

Joseph H. Cleveland, OH 


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