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In the wake of Flosstradamus’s release of their new single, “Came Up,” and their incredible set at Moonrise Festival, the dynamic duo have decided to embark on a massive North American Tour with support from Slushii, Gent Jawns, Towkio and Whethan. The tour starts in San Francisco in early November and will close in Austin mid-December.


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Is Flosstradamus leaving the possibility of adding more tour dates open? After all, festival season is just about over, so what are Floss’s plans for their HYDNATION for the next few months leading into November ? My guess is they’re getting ready to release some sweet new tunes for our ears to absorb!

Tickets for Flosstradamus’s Hi Def Youth Tour go on sale Friday August 19th, but take a moment to listen to Flosstradamus’s Spotify below:

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