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My affinity for Flume (aka the downtempo daddy I didn’t know I needed until now) has grown stronger since he released Skin. The 16-track LP, which we previewed here, is cool and all but there’s one song in particular you really need to hear.

The Beck and Flume collaborative “Tiny Cities” feels more than what it is. Does that make sense? There’s a sense of macro within the micro that is one tiny song on a full-length project. The fact that it is last on the track list speaks to Flume’s desire for the sound to carry on long after the music fades with an anthemic feel amplified by Beck’s layered synth-heavy harmonies throughout.

It certainly does not lack mainstream appeal either, though errs on the indie side of things with a downtempo ambiance plus esoteric yet relatable lyrics that follow:

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Can I ever get ahead of what I want and what I need?
And what do I have to do to get away from what is killing me?
How can I convince myself to not believe in what I know?
When honesty is dominos falling uphill as we go.

The romanticism of despair truly during “Tiny Cities” encapsulates what and who “Flume” is…he pushes the boundaries but takes you along for the adventure. His off-kilter combination of lush, layered vocals in sharp contrast to cutting sounds at the 1:50 mark is truly unique and what adds to that “bigger picture” this album creates.

Featured photo: Flume’s Instagram account

Agree or disagree? What’s your favorite off Skin?
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