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Turns out “Boys Don’t Cry” is falsified…or at least in the case of Frank Ocean. The Grammy award winning singer full of soul has promised new music for awhile now, but most of the internet thought it would be in the form of a regular audio album aptly titled “Boys Don’t Cry.” However, come this week he dropped “Endless”, a visual album on Apple Music.

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Also available on his website, “Endless” was teased by the songwriter to be only one of two new projects to drop this weekend. This is not the first time we waited in anticipation for more Ocean, who hasn’t had a full-length musical showing since his 2012 Channel Orange. The internet has been ablaze all summer with rumors of new music, failure to follow-through memes, and more.


So what can we 100% confirm in a world of “wherefore art thou Ocean”? The visual album is 18 tracks long, features a classic black-and-white backdrop perfect for Frank’s smooth vocals, and…yup that’s about it. Until a full album review (or possibly two if the teasers are true) comes to fruition, view Endless on Rap Dose

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