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Breakout country artist Frankie Ballard is having a “Sweet Time” in his newly released music video accompanying the track, the seventh off his upcoming album El Rio.

The “Sweet Time” setting shows a guy not only capable of having a quick car but also some serious horsepower in the romance department. Rather than giving into the temptations of revving his engine, the man turns his attention to his lady friend and so the clasically cool love story begins.

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Other pre-released tracks off Frankie’s upcoming album include “Cigarette”, “It All Started With A Beer” and “El Camino”. The album’s classification is country, but as you listen to the different selections off of El Rio, you begin to hear other genres such as rock n’ roll and blues casually creep in. This adds additional interesting layers that blend seamlessly into his sound while setting apart Ballard from the rest.

You can pre order El Rio now and see him live at the second annual Country Night Lights festival in Athens, Ohio, September 23-24.

Featured photo: Katie Causs for People.com

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