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There’s nothing better than the feeling of “TGIF” at about 3 PM on a Friday…except for spending the last two hours of your work day bumping to all the new music for the week (plus a couple bonus throwbacks, because they’re THAT good). 

We’ve got a sick collaboration with Steve Aoki and Shaun Frank called “Dope Girlz”, which is the second single off Aoki’s upcoming EP. This track has an artfully filmed music video, by David Yarovesky, as well as a basement house vibe that Shaun Frank is becoming known for now

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There’s also the huge effort from Tiesto and Jauz, read more about that here, appropriately titled “Infected” because it will crawl happily into your ear and you’ll never want it to leave. This partnership isn’t just of the duo, but also with Budweiser and Tomorrowland. Confused? Yes. Beer plus beats? Also yes. 

Anheuser-Busch InBev, which owns brand Budweiser, reportedly secured a three-year exclusive partnership with Tomorrowland. To tie it all together, Tiesto will be playing the mega festival and debuting “Infected” during his set. For more on that, Billboard’s got the hookup. 

Peep our picks then tweet @life_back_stage with your song of the week! 

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