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This week we’re starting off by bringing you “Something New” from Getter. The single is one of two releases off of his new EP Wat the Frick which came out today. This future bass synth-y track is for sure something COMPLETELY new from the usually filthy dub we’ve been accustomed to receiving from the producer.

The world was shocked to hear of Big Makk’s passing suddenly and unexpectedly on August 29, 2016. Close friend Ookay took it upon himself to produce a track in memory of his late friend titled “Back again.” The heartfelt track pays tribute to Big Makk with the lyrics hitting us right in the feels. It’ll be one of the most memorable tracks on this week’s playlist.

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We also threw some genre blending at you with Steve Aokis remix of Blink 182‘s “Bored to Death” The self proclaimed Blink fan killed the track mixing in his electric and eccentric  style flawlessly. Travis Barker and Aoki both have a long history of working together in music. “When ‘Bored to Death’ came out,” said Barker, “it just seemed like the next natural thing for.”

Those are all the tracks we have for you this week! Stay fresh ’till next time, friends.

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