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This weekend we’ve kicked off with some brand new Weeknd and Daft Punk. “Starboy” is the latest release from the French Electronic Duo and it represents a new, suave look for the R&B vocalist that can do no wrong. “Starboy” features the Weeknd’s smooth vocals over a beat-steady nu disco drum kit. The song keeps a static, melodic sound to it throughout, which is a little fresher than what we’re accustomed to from both of the collaborators.

Peep the visuals for “Starboy” here!

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Also on the line up this week is the quick-to-come Chainsmokers track, “All We Know.” One-part of the duo, Drew, sings again just as he did in the “Closer” duet with Halsey, only this time harmonizing with feature Phoebe Ryan.

To round it all out, the new LOUDPVCK and Nghtmre collaboration has our speakers (and hype meters) on high.  “Click Clack” offers two ear-shattering drops, with the first sporting a clear LOUDPVCK sound while the second was undoubtedly NGHTMRE-influenced. This track, released on OWSLA records, really just made us excited to hear what else these two could collaborate on in the future.

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