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Coffee? Check. Cubicle? Check. Headphones? Throw them on. This week is bringing brand new Matoma x The Vamps, Jauz x San Holo, and a few other of our coolest friends with fresh releases just for you.

Starting off, we have a genre-blending collaboration by The Vamps and Matoma.  “All Night” is the first track the Brttish pop rock group has done with the tropical house virtuoso, and it couldn’t have come out more perfect. Featuring vocals from lead singer Brad Simpson, his voice seamlessly ties into the dance anthem Matoma produced and this is a track sure to get some radio play.

Marshmello joins forces with Far East Movement and Tinashe with “Freal Luv” for another satisfying team up. Marshmello did mello out the production on this one compared to his usual bright, upbeat sound. Tinashe’s voice carries the hook while Far East raps effortlessly to create a track we fell in love with, F’real.

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Capping off our playlist with Lost Kings new single, “Phone Down”, which we debuted for you last week here. Accompanied by the always soulful (and full of range) Emily Warren, she sings,

“Why don’t you ever put that phone down?
What could be so goddamn important
That it can’t wait until the morning?”

The track brings wavy synths and breezy piano notes that work so well with Warren’s voice, and aside from the Lost Kings killing it on this track, it’s also a good message to take into account when you go out this weekend. Throw on Fresh Tracks Friday on the aux, set your phone down and enjoy your weekend!

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