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This week we’re V thankful for all the new releases the month of November has brought us!

First off, Flume’s highly anticipated Skin follow-up, a four track EP, dropped and we became #blessed. What makes this EP extra special is its release on a 12″ vinyl as opposed to the digital releases most DJ’s are opting for now.

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Another major release was the Starboy album in completion, by The Weeknd (though seemingly ghost produced by Diplo). The first single released off the album also titled “Starboy” has already reached almost 300 million plays on Spotify.  It feels nothing the artist has put out before, and where there is good there must also be, well… not so good. “False Alarm” sounded a little old school punk meets Michael Jackson, which would have been cool but the crowd chants on loop only take away from The Weeknd’s incredible vocals. “Reminder” redeems it all though, with the R&B phenom’s smooth and grown vocal styling. 

To cap off this week’s playlist we’re taking you to a little town called Cleveland (or as I call it City of Champs) to feature regional DJ E-V with his two new singles “Gold” and “Come Back”. The two singles are sure to be bangers at your next party featuring pop-like, playable synths and a style that will get everyone on the dance floor, this DJ has been tearing up Midwest clubs all over.

Want more freshness to the face? Check out last week’s playlist here, just click!

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