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It’s Fri-Yay, Finally! Coming at you with our third installment of fresh tracks, this one might be our best yet…

We’re starting off this Friday by making sure The Chainsmokers are at the top of your list. Today, their highly anticipated collaboration with Halsey called “Closer” is finally here and ready to be put on a loop. Back in April, this song was debuted as an ID in front of a crowd of over 20,000 at Numbers Fest. It has already earned over 8,000 plays on Soundcloud. We’re already on the watch for this to turn into their hottest single since “Don’t Let Me Down” went platinum. This is the year for our boys Drew and Alex, just watch.

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Following “Closer” is the new Skrillex featuring Big Boss Rick Ross banger “Purple Lamborghini”. This is the third single off the Suicide Squad soundtrack. The duo is an unlikely one but with Ross’s spitfire style and Skrillex’s production over the lyrics… can we have more, please? You can see “Purple Lamborghini” in action over on our Twitter and Instagram accounts, where we post weekly music visuals!

And it’s not Fresh Track Friday without some “Bad Bitches” and Kronic. Lil John and Kronic released their new single featuring Onderkoffer a little over week ago but we couldn’t skip over it. The track is EDM style over Kronic and Lil John’s vocals has enough energy to keep you twerking in your office  seat until you can get to the nearest dance floor tonight.

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