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Milk N Cooks, although duplicated (members Paul and James are twins) their sound and use of sarcasm can never be imitated. The fun-loving creators of “Post Bro” House have a style all their own and they, quite frankly, DGAF. Paul and James are purveyors of an always energetic, upbeat party vibe that draws inspiration from The Chainsmokers and their own experiences.

The native Chicagoans, who also work under their own label Kitchin Records, are relatively new to the scene but are carving their own way through sheer talent, personalities that attract even the most cynical electronic listener, and “frat brothers gone bad” good looks. Find out what Fat Joe song gives the duo major nostalgia plus the EDM trend they’re super sick of in this exclusive interview with Milk N Cooks.


Your latest release “Do Me All Again” with Mackenzie Thomas is killer, so infectious and melodic. What inspired this or how did it all come together?
“Mackenzie’s managed by the same manager as John Mayer… they e-mailed us like “yo we love your shit will you remix this” and we said yes of course. We manifested our own 2016 Van Halen Future Bass interpretation of his track- it’s lit.”

So what new is Milk N Cooks bringing to the table?
“We run the whole operation ourselves with a few reliable friends, so it’s just constant development and evolution of the infrastructure of our team and business. We have a lot of music we’re working on along with touring in April, festivals this summer of course, and overall just building from the ground up every facet of a successful business that we need to survive and take over the world…baby steps.”

What can the crowd at #FEST look forward to? What does Milk N Cookies bring to the electronic scene that no one else does, besides your bangin’ biceps and constant and appreciated goofiness?

“The most lit set of all time, just kidding but not really. Our sets are very relatable… we don’t play music we don’t like and we think we have good taste, haha. Milk N Cooks is an eclectic combination of the most current Heaters and classic tunes you always wish you’d hear in a DJ set like Fat Joe’s “Lean Back”.”

So… “Post Bro”. Describe your self-proclaimed “post bro” house genre. Was it more of a joke or does it accurately define you in your past and current state as artists?
“Both. It’s a play on genres in general; genres are good for organization, but when people define themselves by how somebody once described a style of music, often times people become limited/restricted… we hate the idea of genres and don’t care for them. We make what comes naturally and feels right. Post Bro is also a reference to the fact that people, by looking at us, think we are just air-headed DJ brothers, but really we are more evolved intellectually than you may think.”
What is the Milk N Cooks sound, and how would you describe it to noobs?
“Dope ass music, don’t care about style or tempo. If it’s awesome, it’s awesome, and anyone will believe it if it’s good.”

What is the original track or Milk N Cooks remix you guys are the most proud of?

“Vamos A La Playa” which we remixed twice. The first time kinda sucked, but we loved the song so much that we had to do it justice. Two years after our first attempt we made our second version, which just hit 1 million plays.”

What was the motivation for starting your own label, Kitchin Records, and what do you like best about working for yourselves? Creative control?

“Our music and brand is different for major labels; we won’t just set in to one style. So in order to compete and distribute our music professionally on iTunes, Spotify, etc. we had to just build our own way. What we like best is freedom- give us liberty or give us death. We would rather be broke and in control than a rich slave to someone else.

What’s the most difficult thing about working independently… getting yourself and your artists out there? Building credibility?
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“Yes, not having the leverage people using the big established systems have is hard, but we know we’ll grow by meeting and connecting with people so it’s all good. In due time I think we’ll have a legitimate global audience because we’re authentic.”

Funny, good looking, musically gifted… what else are you guys good at that would surprise our readers and your fans?

“Haha, James is good at foot-bagging or like competitive hackey sack…. IDK what would surprise them about me (Paul). I mean, I can rock a mean Whitney Houston style falsetto. “

How have you grown as a duo since starting Milk N Cooks? I read an interview you guys did and shared that you admired how The Chainsmokers have been able to gain fame while still doing their own thing. Do you look up to Alex and Drew as motivation for where you want your sound and brand to go?

“I see a lot of ourselves in them; they don’t give a fuck about style or genre, because when executed properly you can do anything. That’s what we are growing towards.”

Not only are you guys twins, you also work together. Do you ever get sick of each other? Or is it a match made in beat-making bliss?

“Haha, we used to fight more… now we are wise enough to know that fighting is part of life, and to not let it hold us back or distract us from making music.”

What mindsets do you guys go into when either producing an original track or mixing for a massive set? Which one of you takes the lead on each and why?

“James started DJing, and I (Paul) started making the beats. Now we both do both and literally always try to have fun and make something interesting. We have refined our own techniques, and it all centers around keeping people engaged and entertained.

 As part of The Life Backstage, we’re holding a contest for #FEST  for one DJ to win the chance to play a 20-minute set. What advice would you give someone wanting to enter? Go big or go home, play it safe like a pussy, experiment?
“Don’t go hard in a played out way… openers need to build energy, but #FEST is kind of different. Our advice would be to show people something they’ve never seen or heard before, to blow minds in their own way.”
As a fan of the Leonardo DiCaprio coming-of-age story “The Beach” and your track which includes excerpts… what about that movie or those words inspired you to add into a song?
“We wanted to make a song with like a sand in your toes vibe… we made the drop in literally 10 minutes after googling “Beach” movie quotes. We love using pop culture references rather than just singing vocals, and found the alternate intro to the movie and it just immediately worked. I do think it’s a very epic message, “something more dangerous.”

What electronic artists are you loving right now or EDM movements you think are dope? What ones are you sick of, if any?
Sick of everyone that doesn’t innovate… trend riding is like the worst thing in our opinion. We’re also tired of future bass. This random pop song by Daya, “Hideaway”, though is so fucking epic.”
What do you look for in talent you add to Kitchin Records?
“Just straight from the heart dopeness… you know, a bad ass interesting track when you heart it. That’s what we’re looking to add. You can find anything in the Kitchin, it just matters what you’re in the mood for.”

Milk N Cookies

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