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The ooey gooey vibes were quite palpable throughout Express LIVE’s indoor venue for a Monday night. Indie’s Glass Animals (think Chet Faker + RÜFÜS DU SOL brainchild with Southwestern set production) took to Columbus, OH, for their first headlining tour in the state and satiated more than those just looking to Snapchat “Gooey” live.

Eclectic summed up the night- from the mix of urban hipsters dancing to the always quixotic and captive lead singer Dave Bayley to the collective of songs they played. Admittedly, I’m not one that knows every single song in their discography but it was refreshing to become quickly accustomed.

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“Black Mambo” is a personal favorite along with “Life Itself” which are definitely different on the spectrum of sound; however, they both house intimate lyrics of self-awareness, co-dependence an all sorts of other sweet dis-harmonies that occur in life. 

Although I felt the set was short, an encore of “Season 2, Season 3” and “Pork Soda” brought life back into the lull of a concert’s conclusion on a Monday at 10:28 PM. Glass Animals to me felt like the perfect little vintage shop in an otherwise urbanized downtown…an ambiance of nostalgic but also a sense of newness as if you can wear it and make it your own on a night out. It suits many given the right night and confident vibes, and this Indie come up has both (plus a disco ball, so I’m sold)!

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