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Nothing’s better than GoodSex, especially when it bangs hard like Joes Domingo’s (otherwise known as DJ GoodSex) first original track “Side Ponies & Sweat Pants.” Bad puns aside, the song off of Milk N Cooks’ Kitchin Records seriously turns up the momentum with big drops and an even bigger sound. At times, the track can come across as ominous, but this feeling only increases the excitement and leaves the listener wondering where he will take the song next. Mix in a few well placed effects/synths and GoodSex has himself a solid first original.


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Born and raised in Chicago, the artist uses multiple genres and musical styles to create his personalized sound. His music can range from dirty trap to electro funk, but the integration of each style comes together beautifully. Although mostly sticking to the Midwest, GoodSex has begun to branch out and play sets at the national level. With tracks like “Side Ponies & Sweat Pants” coming out of his booth, I’m sure he will soon add to that list of national appearances. Check out a free download of the song here.


Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud

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