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After over a year of no new album releases, the West Coast co-founder of TeamSupreme dropped a highly anticipated 4 track EP titled “Lost & Loved.” This is the sophomore effort of Great Dane’s, who previously released a self-titled project in 2015. As a heavy enthusiast of the L.A. “Beat Scene“, you can find Great Dane making frequent appearances at the experimental hip hop and electronic music club night well known as Low End Theory.

“Lost & Loved” is a mellow but unique production perfect for providing all the summer vibes. The EP also features talented musical artist Sophia Black on “Tryna Reach Out.” The album was released through Veyron Arche Record Label founded by Hucci. “Lost & Loved” is available on Itunes and Amazon, or you can stream it below!

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What I think is the coolest part of TeamSupreme are their weekly beat cyphers. Each week a producer of the label chooses two samples, a transition sound, one remix and a designated BPM. The files are then shared to other producers who are then responsible for making their own one minute beat based on the chosen guidelines. All weekly beat cyphers are merged into a podcast and then shared with the public.

Listen to the 100th episode of TeamSupreme’s beat cypher challenge here.

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