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Music isn’t a one size fits all anymore. Like we talked about in our genre blending article, with hundreds of genres and sub genres out there, music can be as different as night and day, blue grass and metal, Hip Hop and… EDM? Since it’s start, EDM has grown on the concept of reinvention. This genre has been mixed, blended, and thrown together with all other styles of music since the introduction of modern day turntables and mixers.

Hip Hop is another OG genre that has been around since its start in the 70’s when the youth in the Bronx neighborhood would get together and throw block parties (sound familiar, Diplo?) featuring popular funk and soul music of the time. These two genres that have been flirting for years, and finally we’re seeing the (amazing) outcome. Both work with catchy and captivating bass, heavy rhythms and slowed down BPMs, especially in hip hop.

Needless to say I don’t see a remix happening between Johnny Cash and Slipknot anytime soon (but can we please imagine a Ring of Fire and Duality mash-up), haha.

But Big Sean and RL Grime?

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Ty Dolla $ign and Yellow Claw?

Those are only a few of the sick tracks we’ve seen released. Other hits that bring EDM and Hip Hop together include Waka Flocka and Steve Aoki’s “Wild Out” and A$AP Ferg and Skrillex on “Wild for the night”. It seems like fans have been supportive of this recent merger, and enjoy the new sound that mixing these two genres brings.

What is your favorite hip-hoptronic track? Comment below or tweet @Life_Back_Stage for a chance to be featured!

We are seriously loving this Hundred Waters x Skrillex Remix of “Show Me Love” which features the in-demand Chance The Rapper amongst others.

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