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Corrupt comes in clutch with his new single “Deep Love” after switching gears a little bit and testing out new sounds, says the Ohio-based producer. 

I’m very pleased with this release, because it was a new direction with production for me and it’s had some huge radio play which was a goal for us in 2016,” he explained.

With plenty of switch-ups and poppy synths, “Deep Love” takes an electro house approach with plenty of amped up bass.

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 “I feel like I’m getting more creative and worrying less about genres,” Corrupt said in a Life Backstage exclusive. “Liftoff Records was a great label to sign this with and it has already opened up doors for us. It was a very motivating move for team, and myself.”

Take a listen to “Deep Love”- out now on the Disco Fries’ imprint. 

Click to watch a Life Backstage video interview with Corrupt! 

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