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  • “MAKJ Starts a F*ck You Donald Trump Chant During His Ultra Set”

  • “GOP Presidential Hopeful Marco Rubio Listens to EDM”

  • “Diplo & Porter Robinson Go Political on Twitter”

These are real headlines taken from a simple Google search of EDM and Politics. The unexpected duo of raving raucous and political caucus is strange…strange yet as overwhelmingly powerful as the platforms of which each entity makes its stage. From tweets of support for one candidate from a Major Lazer major player to MAKJ leading a politically charged, anti-Trump chant for 100,000+ fans to follow during Miami Music Week… EDM has become a huge influence in the wicked world of politics.

Celebrities are certainly not strangers of campaign trails (Beyonce and Michelle Obama basically became besties during the current President’s second run for office); however, the recent resurgence of campaign catchphrases like “Feel The Bern” have gone viral once plastered on the Twitter and Facebook feeds of every EDM blogger between 2 to 2 million followers. donald trump, trance, meme, politics, edm, electronic music, make trance great again, president
Take Donald Trump for example. Whether a genius or a joke, Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan became a massive social media meme once photoshopped showing the presidential candidate wearing a “Make Trance Great Again” trucker hat. The picture shown above has had hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets; it has also become a tagline used to discuss what’s considered the “downfall of trance” beginning in 2010.

The most polarizing political statement the EDM community has made to date, though, has to be the Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders “On The Issues” graphics that tackle everything from deadmau5 and the techno genre to other critical issues like sriracha sauce (because what’s more important than economic growth? rooster sauce).

There are entire sites dedicated to these memes- @bernievshillary has 85,000 followers alone.
bernie sanders, edm, meme, politics, president, electronic, #berningman, burning man

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What’s most striking is not the spread political messages have across music and arts industries…it’s the pervasiveness of EDM culture inserted into these character campaigns. Most memes are shared for laughter and retweeting to ensue; however, I’ve noticed myself becoming more aware of certain political candidates because of their presence on EDM-source sites and fans of the genre that fill my newsfeed.

The triple threat of a massive electronic music market (with a demography that’s prime and impressionable for vote swaying), the importance of social media, and the powerhouse of political propaganda makes this one debate actually worth partaking in.

What’s your favorite #edmmeme? Presidential or proposterous, share yours by tweeting us @life_back_stage or by commenting below!

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