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While you’ve been sleeping on KRNE, or cautiously pronouncing his name completely wrong (it’s “krane” but he dropped the A), the Oakland based brainchild behind the Middle Eastern Trap movement has been developing his craft.

He’s recently and consistently released music under A-Trak‘s record label, Fool’s Gold, including the April drop of “I’ll Be Good”.

While this track exudes good vibrations and uplifting nostalgia like the cool breeze of a 1970’s spring day and includes expertly placed horns and an in-an-out retro sample, KRNE has gained a cult following for his dark, often Middle Eastern influenced sound that borders the line between provocative and playful.

Take his acclaimed “Propane” for example, which errs on the trap side of things and delights in disharmonious noise throughout. There’s a similar, snake-charming synth that dominates another track “Dollar Sines”, which takes Rihanna‘s seductive “Pour It Up” and somehow makes it even more of an indulgence to the ears.

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When asked how “Propane” came about in a self-hosted Reddit thread, KRNE explained:

“I started with wanting to make that Mid-Eastern/Persian kinda trap. I love hearing that stuff out. For me, it starts with the melody. Once I wrote it with midi, I found some flute and vox sampled I could chop up and pitch to layer. Then I just built the track around that…bass, drums, lil details.”

-said KRNE on the making of “Propane”

The electronic artist has continued his efforts in bum rushing an over-saturated music scene with a sound that’s uniquely his highlighted best by “Debris”, a free eight-track EP released through Fool’s Gold Records and BitTorrent. Available here.

What differentiates his futuristic vibe from all others is the way he relays a story to fans; “Debris” moves from one track to another with fluidity even when switching up genres like he does from the dreamy “Daylight” to the dark side on “War” feat. Herzeloyde.krne, krne ep, free ep, electronic music, new krne, fool's gold records, debris
When asked if this was intentional, the producer responded via Twitter:

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (1)

So basically, expect the unexpected. Except know that the aftertaste of KRNE will linger longer than his penchant for Persian influences or Coachella-inspired floral crowns.


Facebook / SoundCloud / Twitter / Instagram

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