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Imagine Music Festival made its debut at Atlanta Motor Speedway for the first time this past weekend. While the heat was undeniably torture, I still found Imagine to be my favorite festival of the year. The massive size of the venue, breathtaking stage production and diverse music options had attendees like myself in pure awe. While some weren’t so thrilled about the low pressure water stations on top of VIP being capped due to capacity issues, I’d say the hiccups experienced don’t amount to the success the Imagine team found elsewhere.

“Imagine Music Festival has been a fantastic success and something that we look to continue to improve upon as we move forward,” explained Chad Shearer, public relations director. “The move from the Historic Fourth Ward Park to Atlanta Motor Speedway was always something that we knew would be a big step for us and we look forward to continuing that growth in 2017. Imagine would like to thank our fans for the continued support. It has been humbling and something we hold hold dear, as we build this project together.”

Stage Production

This year’s Imagine fest had a total of five stages. Two additional stages were added compared to previous years and each stage had its own unique perks to offer.


The main stage was massive with incredibly clean sound. During some headlining acts, like Dillon Francis for example, fireworks were let off in perfect sync with the music. Not to mention four panels of visuals, fire shooting from the top and front of the stage, confetti, water fixtures on each side, and lasers so bright it seemed like they could burn through skin.

14188114_1037518549701338_5311047879632954938_o Amazonia

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Opposite of the main stage was the Amazonia stage. Mostly, it was a smaller version of the main stage but with not as many bells and whistles. This stage hosted artists including Ott & The All Seeing I, Levitation Jones, Space Jesus, Bleep Bloop, and G-Jones. The large intricate visual screen surrounded by rotating lights made this stage just as worthy as the rest.

DiscoInfernoDisco Inferno

The Disco Inferno stage was placed near the entrance of the venue. This stage was equipped with a giant disco ball that opened up and spewed enormous amounts of fire from the top. The front of the DJ booth had one visual panel in front and lights lining the top of the stage. As well as two panels on each side separated in multiple pieces. Seriously though, what’s better than a giant disco ball with fire?!

Aeria & Atlantis

The above three stages ensured that my desire for visual stimulation was satisfied. The additional two stages, however, had their own quirks which added so much more to an already insane festival.


While I initially thought the main stage would be nearly impossible to beat, the Atlantis stage was my favorite. You know the geo-domes that all the cool kids bring to festivals to bask in the glory of their hammock shade? Or perhaps you remember climbing to the top of one in grade school? Well Imagine continued to take things to the next level by designing a geo-dome stage. The DJ booth was elevated high off the ground. As day became night, a layered vortex of fire and mist circled above dancing heads. It was hot, but more than worth it.

Located in between Amazonia and Atlantis was the Drum & Bass stage called Aeria. Essentially, this stage was a large tent packed with intense lights and visuals. I’ll be honest, i’ve never been a big fan of DNB but that definitely didn’t keep me away. While I couldn’t find any noteworthy pictures of the inside, you’ll have to trust my judgment on this one.

Cheers to Imagine Music Festival for going above and beyond to make such an incredible weekend happen. Also, a huge thanks goes out to aLIVE coverage and Benjamin McBride at Raver’s Choice for the dope photos.

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