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Millennials from all over, including myself, were slammed with news that instantly brought tears to eyes followed by the throbbing of a broken heart. Yes, dj/producer/everyone’s most loved drunk snapstory maker, Sound Remedy, announced his retirement from the music industry.

From my personal fav, “Moondust“, to every college kid’s pregame go-to, “Let’s Go Home“, Anthony’s journey as a musician has been nothing but a huge success. The Chi-town native has been bumpin’ around festivals and the industry as a whole for about six years now and despite my strong admiration for his remixes and boisterous personality, there is nothing left to do besides support his wishes.

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“It’s with a heavy heart that I announce that 2016 will be my final year playing shows.”

Many may ask what is next for the famous DJ. As of now, all we can do is wait and see. To help heal the wounds from this unexpected punch to the face, I recommend the following while, of course, jammin’ to Remedy’s beats: stargaze with a nice glass of wine, ponder life while surrounded by nature, or even drive around playing “Medicine” loud enough for your neighbors to hear it and your neighbor’s neighbors to hear it- blast that shit!

Enjoy Sound Remedy’s top 15 hits on Soundcloud below!

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