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Meet Alex Bodman or @IAm_AlexBodman, a 19-year-old artist from Wales, U.K.. Alex loved drawing since the moment he could pick up a pencil. He always had a fondness and appreciation for art as a past time, but never believed it could be turned into a career. Little did he know that his introduction to Photoshop and the EDM scene could open up a world of opportunity (and retweets). We picked his brain on why he decided to create DJ-inspired fan art and his encounters with the artists since.

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Why did you start making fan art and who was your first DJ?

I started this project because I had some free time from college work and I don’t particularly like sitting around doing nothing, so I thought I could do something productive and challenging. The idea started off as just a Skrillex Poster but I enjoyed doing it so much I wanted to make another one right away.

What program do you use to make these?

I use Adobe Illustrator to make the posters as well as using photos of the DJs as reference.

What DJ’s have reached out and which one starstruck you the most?

Jauz was the first to respond when he retweeted, then about an hour later Marshmello retweeted my work too. I was pretty star struck honestly. The next day Zomboy and Borgore both favourited it, which made me feel pretty great.

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Do you sell these as prints or what is your ultimate goal from the fan art?

I don’t sell them as prints yet although I would like to some day, my ultimate goal really is to make something that I would be proud to show off in my portfolio but any freelance jobs are appreciated.

dillon francis, art, dj artWhat do you do during the day (meaning are you a student, high school kid, etc)?

I’m currently just finishing an interactive media course in college but I’m moving on to university studying advertising design this September.

Who are your favorite electronic artists? Any other genres you want to rep?

It’s really hard to say who my all time favourite artist is, but if I had to say one it would be Skrillex because “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” kicked off my love for EDM. Outside of EDM I’m a huge Rock and Metal fan, If you’re into rock I’d recommend checking out Royal Blood.

What is the EDM scene like in Wales? Have you ever traveled to the states for shows?

Unfortunately the EDM scene in Wales is pretty much non-existent; the last show I saw here was 4 years ago. If you’re a Welsh EDM lover you have to get used to traveling to at least England. I haven’t been to the states for a show yet but I’d love to some time in the future.


Follow Alex x Life Backstage on Twitter by clicking this link! 

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