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For the past 68 years, Japan has had a strict law in place which prohibited dancing past midnight. Once known as ‘Fuzoku’ or ‘Fueiho’, the law also required venues to adhere to a 1 AM curfew. After World War II in 1947, Japan government deemed clubs as “adult entertainment establishments” and therefore illegal.

Now that ‘Fuzoku’ has been lifted after 68 years, club goers across the country will have the opportunity to dance all night long. Yet, these Japan clubs and venues must meet a set of specified requirements. 

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Clubs in Japan that were once forced to operate as adult entertainment establishments now have the right to acquire a permit that defines their business as “nighttime entertainment restaurant operations.” To acquire such a permit, they must be located outside of residential areas and they have to use certain lighting. Yes, certain lighting…and these don’t include lasers or high-tech LED screens.

“Clubs equipped with lighting brighter than 10 lux will be able to apply for the new 24-hour license, while clubs that fail to meet the lighting requirements will still be classed as an “adult entertainment business”, but will be allowed to open after midnight in certain locations.” – Factmag.com

According to a number of sources, including the Huffington Post, it seems the pressure to lift the law was due to the Olympics taking place in 2020. With hopes, Japan can increase the amount of money spent by visitors all around the world during the time of Olympic trials and celebratory after-parties.

It’s difficult to imagine going to a show and not being able to dance due to the fact you could be punished by law. However, there are still other countries and cities across the world that have relatively strict dancing laws to this day. According to a Huffington Post article written last year, there are five places that require a certain permit or ban dancing all together. If you find yourself en route to Sweden, Germany, Afghanistan, Iran or Kuwait be weary of their dance policies.

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