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For 23 years, Jason Leech has been perfecting his craft of playing piano. When he began taking lessons as a first grader, Jason most likely didn’t realize where it would take him in the future. Now at 27 years old, he’s attracted quite the audience by fusing his passion for piano and his love for EDM into something spectacular.

Jason mentioned in our online chat that the above video is his favorite one he’s made so far. The cover, originally produced by Hucci & Stooki Sound, takes on a whole new vibe with Jason’s creative and smooth composition.

“My favorite video I made so far would have to be “Anthems” because its sums up exactly what I’m going for. It sounds like an actual mix that a DJ is performing, except instead of playing the songs from the computer, I’m playing them off a set of keyboards.”

Trap is also the genre within EDM that Jason thrives on most. The 808 and hi-hat sounds in trap music really suits his unique sound. Since he began making videos roughly three years ago, he’s received some noteworthy shout-outs from the likes of NGHTMRE and Alison Wonderland!

Jason first became inspired to make his own performance videos when he happened to stumble across a video of Ronald Jenkees. Jenkees has a surplus of videos uploaded via YouTube and some have over 1 million views. Jason Leech began making exclusive videos for trapdoor record label earlier this year. While Jason does not partake in that venture anymore, his second released video caught the attention of long time inspiration Ronald Jenkees.

“He was uploading videos of him playing keyboards and getting a huge response. I loved that you could actually watch the keys getting hit on the keyboard as you listened to the song. It seemed like a different experience than just listening to a song, so I really wanted in on that.”

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At the time that Jason first started making videos, EDM had already established a name for itself. Luckily Leech already had the upper hand on playing the piano with a producer-like skill set. A lot has been accomplished from the start, but there are still high hope for the future. Jason hopes he can become a highly sought after musician for producers.

“Whenever I work with local producers they are always blown away with how much time I can save them. Instead of using a mouse to add notes individually, I just plug in my keyboard and record something in one minute that would take them hours to manually produce.”

While the internet may have played a helping hand when it comes to getting his name out there, Jason also hopes to switch the focus to booking more live shows. Since he’s already used to playing for a live crowd with his jam band it’s a goal not far from reach.





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