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With four free mixtapes under his belt independently, pop-friendly producer and songwriter Jon Bellion finally released his first album with Capitol Records entitled The Human Condition.

Jon has spoken openly about The Human Condition being his audition to Pixar to score one of their films, and it becomes evident when looking through the artwork that’s associated with each track. Each track has an individual cover with reoccurring characters of Current Jon, Future Jon and Young Jon. Bellion’s fascination with Pixar is based in their imagination and craftsmanship when it comes to film. Bellion said himself in 2014, “Pixar Is The Pinnacle Of Creativity.” 

The first single from the Human Condition, “Guillotine”, amassed 800,000+ plays on Youtube last month before the album was even released. Jon has written hits for Eminem and Jason Derulo…but when Bellion isn’t writing the next radio hit, he’s writing hits of his own. 

david-ardinaryas-lojaya-jon-bellion-front-cover-final-1 david-ardinaryas-lojaya-guillotine-final


The writing on The Human Condition looks into Jon’s personal life in depth, focusing on topics like his ex, materialism, high school, drugs, religion and how money hasn’t changed him. Jon explores questions all the album, like why he feels like a robot on “iRobot,” or why he misses people, but can’t find the time to call on “Maybe IDK.” Jon writes most of his songs on his own, but like most artists takes feedback from many different people.

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The Production on the album is formed by a unique blend of different producers that you wouldn’t anticipate would work well together. In addition to Bellion producing tracks himself, he instilled the help of !llmind (Kanye West, J. Cole, Drake), Chris DeStefano (David Archuleta, Gavin DeGraw, Florida Georgia Line), Mark Williams, Raul Cubina, Kim Perry and much more.

Purchase Jon Bellion’s First Studio Album “Human Conditon” Here


Overall, the artistry on The Human Condition is very calculated and well thought-out from the production side of things to the individual track artwork done by David Lojaya. The story of the album makes sense and flows through the ups and downs of Jon’s own life.He’s honest about his insecurities and things that bother him, as well as how relationships or fashion have affected his life and his relationship with god. The writing can shift from humble and vulnerable to being almost braggadocios on his uptempto pop-hop tracks. The album (available here) is creative and unique and has major potential to get stuck in your head.


Stand-Out Tracks:
Maybe IDK
Woke the F*ck Up

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