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Although skeptics initially speculated Desiigner’s “Panda” would be a one hit and quit type track, he delivered with the follow up called “Timmy Turner” in addition to viral video after viral video of his high-energy performances. This kid gets on stage and kills it…every time.

Stream Desiigner’s debut album by clicking here!

Earlier this week, Travis Scott hosted a .Wav party to celebrate his deal with Apple Music and his new radio show on the network. In attendance was none other than Pablo himself, Kanye West. West, a label mate on G.O.O.D. Music with Desiigner, was passed the aux cord by Scott and Ye delivered. West played what was clearly a remix to “Timmy Turner”, which was captured on camera by Scott himself who then Facetimed Desiigner and had him rap the hook.

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Peep the video evidence below and tweet us what you thought of the remix using #timmyturnerremix!


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