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The Los Angeles Times seems to want to stir the pot with the timely release of an article titled “After a summer of deaths, popular Halloween rave won’t be held”…and Kaskade is pissed.

We discovered the article- which blatantly uses “drug-related incidents at raves” as cause of cancellation of Hard Halloween while dragging Kaskade, Live Nation, Insomniac and others into the mix- via Kaskade’s unhappy tweet.

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Thousands of EDM tastemakers have came out in support of Kaskade, including Rukes.com and Billboard Dance via Twitter however, the clap back didn’t stop there; it continued on Kaskade’s website.

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After a Hard Summer event ended in three deaths (deemed drug overdoses), the L.A. publication jumped to conclusions that this was the cause for cancellation of the Halloween-themed event. Within the article, a spokeswoman for Hard was quoted as saying “Hard Day of The Dead (did not go forward) because of logistical issues.” This could mean anything from a venue falling through last minute to headliners pulling out due to double-booking within the market. 

What do you think? Are drug deaths to blame? Is the story sensationalized? Tweet us now!


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