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Kaskade is definitely not “Fakin It” on this one with his soft and carefree piano-driven collab with Vancouver native Felix Cartal. Good luck holding back with the feels, though, because this one is a synth-tastic heart sinker.

Instantly the ambiently ardent, melodic tone of Ofelia K. squeezes through every nook and cranny of your defenses making its way right into your heart. You will inevitably question almost every aspect of a past, current or future relationship- it’s that deep.

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After Kaskade’s double win for “America’s Best DJ” in the past five years, as well as the drop of my personal favorite- the pulsating “Disarm You“- a simple summer track couldn’t have been released at a more perfect time. I’ve gone from craving some new Kaskade to needing all the Kleenex.

After numerous #FakinIt teasers on Twitter, this track (which at the drop gives me major Mr. Probz “Waves” vibes), finally made its way to Spotify, Apple Music and even Proximity’s YouTube channel at lightning speed shown above.

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What was the last thing you faked?
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Source: Fist In The Air

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