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After a large, public trial, Kesha has finally returned to the music business. As most readers know, Kesha has been battling her former producer, Dr. Luke, saying that he sexually assaulted her. This high profile case has gotten attention from many celebrities, including Taylor Swift, who gave Kesha $500,000 to help her get back on her feet. Now, with the help of producer Anton Zaslavski (also known as Zedd), she has released “True Colors,” a triumphant ballad that shows off Kesha’s incredible vocal abilities.

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Photo by: Rukes

Originally recorded as the sixth track off his sophomore album of the same name, “True Colors” strays from traditional EDM and focuses on the vocals of the artist. It’s a slower part of the

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album, just like other tracks such as “Papercut (feat. Troye Sivan)” or “Daisy.” Grammy Award Winning Russian-German producer Zedd rose to prominence with tracks like “Spectrum” (feat. Matthew Koma), “Clarity (feat. Foxes),” “Stay The Night (feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore),” and “I Want You To Know (feat. Selena Gomez).”

This is the first track Kesha has released since her number one hit “Timber” with platinum recording artist Pitbull. That track came out in 2013, and her last full length LP, “Warrior,” was released in 2012, under the name Ke$ha. She has since eliminated the $ in her name. The emotional Coachella performance is linked below. What do you all think of Zedd & Kesha’s new track?

True Colors (feat. Kesha) - Zedd

True Colors (feat. Kesha) – Zedd


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