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While most of us didn’t grow up under the influence of viral videos or dance-friendly hashtags like #whenthebeatdrops and #twerking, we can all appreciate the “no f*cks given” attitude of these kids dancing their cares away. Their skills are more finely tuned than ours even when sober and for that, we salute them. We now present the future generation of festival goers.

He’s been waiting for the beat to drop since birth.

Rave newbies at their first show (Calvin Harris or David Guetta, our guess).

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This kid goes from 0 to dub step faster than you can say “Skrillex.” 

A future rave bae…you’ll be searching for her in a sub-Reddit months after you’ve left your love in the desert of EDC LV on the dance floor.

My name is Robbie. I’m 3 and I enjoy long walks to the main stage.

That mosh pit life…coming to a Flosstradamus Jr. set near you. 

We all have that one friend that gets wayyy too weird at a rave… Meet Mandy 2.0.

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