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Every girl should be treated nothing less than a princess… or in this case, gold.

Kiiara, a 20-year-old artist signed to Atlantic Records, has released popular alternative-pop singles like “Tennessee”, “Feels” and “Gold” since appearing on the scene with “Gold” being the shiny, metallic masterpiece of them all. It was originally released on SoundCloud independently then re-released through her label in October 2015.

“Tennessee” has also squeezed its way onto every must-remix list. Milk N Cooks recently put their spin on the track while everyone from Jai Wolf to Hotel Garuda has remixed her latest release “Feels”.

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Kiiara has made the transition into the industry look as easy. She has gone platinum in Denmark and Australia proving that being gold is good but platinum is even better. Her style and vocals are in a way comparable to Louis The Child and their music, both being catchy like mainstream pop often is but also unique and quirky enough to never get sick of their definitive sounds. Fingers crossed for a future collab?!

Preview the under-21 ingenue’s official music video for her audibly infectious track here: 


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