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Rapper Dieuson Octave, also known as Kodak Black, released 13-track mixtape Lil Big Pac on his 19th birthday. From jail. Kodak Black pays homage to rap legends Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur with his cover art, as well as the title of his mixtape which led to lots of Twitter talk from fans. In addition to celebrating his birthday, the Florida-born rapper was also recognized on XXL Magazine’s 2016 Freshman Class. 

Lil Big Pac is loaded with guest spots from Boosie, Gucci Mane and PnB Rock in addition to fire beats produced by Dubba-AA, SAW.D and YodaYae1k. Although the rapper was in jail during the release (#FreeKodak) his official DJ, DJ Showtime, made a statement that Black’s third mixtape would “leave a different taste in your mouth.”

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Read about Kodak Black’s spot on XXL’S 2016 Freshman Class here

Featured Photo: Hypetrak.com

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