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Herobust, although grown and bustin’ out his Atlanta origins into his own recognizable trap sound, remains the same. The self-proclaimed “Bust Daddy” takes popular electronic songs and busts them, blowing all speakers out with his heavy-handed use of industrial sound effects which put punctuated emphasis on his recognizably trap basslines.

We caught up with Hayden last week to catch up on the recent success of his remix “Broccoli” (the melodic Lil Yachty and D.R.A.M. track about everyone’s favorite “vegetable”). This is what transcribed!

Your most recent mix of “Broccoli” came out of the tragic Dallas shootings. What has the response been like from fans, media, Lil Yachty and D.R.A.M.? Will you consider continuing to do more melodic remixes like this?

“The response has been great! D.R.A.M. really vibed with it, and the fans are asking for more of it. The music I make stems from my chameleon – like inspiration, so only time will tell when I return to this sound in the future…”

I saw you go B2B w/ Protohype and 12th Planet at Hard Fest. Who would your dream B2B be with in the industry?

“Kill The Noise, without a doubt.”

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What song are you the most proud of on your “I’m Aloud” EP? Do you prefer to create originals like these or remixes?

“I can’t say that I could pick one song from the album, but the fans seems to like ‘Skurt Reynolds’ and ‘Dirty Work’.  I enjoy doing the remixes but I don’t prefer one over the other, I have been creating many things lately. Follow my snapchat @herobust for previews!”

“I’m Aloud” was released on Mad Decent (major, by the way). I’ve also seen you on a few MDBP dates, most recently Detroit. What other artists on Mad Decent inspire you?

“Mad Decent has been kickin’ it with the releases lately! Party Favor, Rickyxsan and Wuki are just some of the homies I look to for inspiration.”

What’s next for you? Upcoming tour dates, festivals, new music?

“I do have some new music in the works, be on the look out for my Skurt Reynolds VIP.”


Stream “Broccoli” here and read up on the inspiration of it!

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