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First, does anyone recall back in 2002 the track that topped the charts, “Satisfaction”? Benny Benassi is the mastermind behind that and so much more.

Next week, the incredibly talented mainstay in modern dance music will play at Breakaway Music Festival. We had the chance to talk new album plus what Benassi’s addicted to as a preview to the event. 

Congratulations on “Danceaholic” taking the top title for US Dance Albums! What collaboration on the album was the most unique or had an interesting back story to the song/process?

Good question…For me they’re all unique! “Paradise” with Chris Brown has an interesting story because it took a long time to get everyone on our side to be able to release it… and I got Chris on a bike for the video. Awesome!

Is there one song off your newest album you feel most connected to and if so why? 

I’m very fond of the instrumental track “Danceaholic” which lends its name to the whole album because it takes me back to my roots and projects me forwards at the same time.

Is the name “Danceaholic” a representation of the music on the album (makes you want to dance) or does it have a more complex meaning?

It’s fun… I like the idea of being “addicted” to dancing but in a light-hearted way. So we developed a whole concept with trailers and now anyone can make a film on his or her smartphone while dancing unstoppably in an unusual place. Maybe it’ll become a craze! Everyone is invited to play along with us and make a “Danceaholic” video.

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You have a history of making great music with Chris Brown. How do your styles compliment one another? How did this relationship come about?

He’s such a great artist. Everything he sings just comes to life and is amazing. We started working together with “Beautiful People” because one of the writers, our friend JB, played it to Chris when he happened to pop into his studio. Chris loved it and asked us if he could sing it!!! That was an easy one to answer. Since then we have an artistic relationship and always feel free to send ideas to each other.

How has dance music evolved since your first album? How has it stayed the same?

It has changed in a lot of ways, from the way people consume music i.e. vinyls, CDs, mp3s or streaming to what they listen to – music comes in cycles. But I feel this evolution is only natural, it happens in everything. Its definitely been a good change.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your career thus far? What else would you like to accomplish or who would you like to work with still?

To be honest there have been many memorable moments. Playing at Coachella and Red Rock, Denver must count as the locations are so breathtaking. Plus winning a Grammy for the Public Enemy remix was definitely a high point! In terms of what I still want to accomplish, I just want to keep doing what I do until I feel I’m not connecting any more.

If that day ever arrives, I’ll stop DJing and just ride bikes, cook and do the gardening… But until that day comes, I’ll be touring and producing… I’ve been able to travel around the world playing records, it’s a privilege. And I’d love to work with Bono from U2! It would be a dream come true. I’m a huge fan.

Your song “Satisfaction” is such a dancehall staple to this day… what in life gives you the MOST satisfaction?

I love cycling and I do it whenever I have free time. I like to hire bicycles and go for a ride in the city I’m touring in if there’s time. But when I’m not touring, I like to do sports, spend time with my family, cook and of course go into the studio with Alle.

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