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Following the surprise release of singles “Flexicution” and “Wrist” feat. Good Music president Pusha T, Visionary Music Group rapper Logic has released his surprise mixtape entitled Bobby Tarantino

The 11-track tape alludes to the combination of Logic’s first name Bobby, and the last name of esteemed director Quentin Tarantino, who is known for combining sampling into the realm of film. The mixtape, which was primarily recorded over other artists’ tracks, was then re-produced by Logic’s in-house producer 6ix. This is evident in the fourth track “Slave II” which sounds eerily similar to Bryson Tiller’s standout track “Rambo.” The second half of the song mirrors Drake’s “Summer 16” in terms of pace.


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Bobby Tarantino has only one feature, but it’s a big one: Pusha T. However Push isn’t the only Good Music artists mentioned on the project, as Logic says that his third album sounds like Kanye. Could that mean that Push made the connection for the album?

Throughout the project, Logic references the third album which he says is on a whole other level on his song “Jam”. Considering that Logic released his first album in 2014 and his second in 2015- and Bobby Tarantino in 2016- does this mean we can expect more Logic in 2017? Ponder and enjoy the moment while playing this banger back.

Read about “Flexicution’s” recent release here.

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