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Since the last time we spoke with Lost Kings, the two have been on a crazy ride throughout the United States throwing down at massive festivals (and the occasional surprise frat party). But their latest, “Phone Down”, we think will solidify the future of Robert and Nick as well as their brand which combines total turn-up with low-key sensitivity, most easily heard on this track.

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“After five months it’s finally time to put the phone down,” stated the duo on their Facebook page, indicating it’s been a hot minute since we heard a tune as infectious as theirs besides “Closer” from The Chainsmokers. And as much of a non-smooth segue as it is, the truth is Lost Kings remind us a lot of EDM’s hottest twosome (who also happen to feature Emily Warren on their song “Until You Were Gone”).

“Phone Down” has all the makings of a mainstream hit and we can’t wait to see them in November! What do you all think of the new single from Lost Kings? Reach out on the Facebook page!

Featured Photo: Tyler Church

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