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If you thought that Chicago-based duo Louis the Child couldn’t top their hit single “It’s Strange,” you may need to think again. Over the weekend, Louis The Child dropped “Love Is Alive,” teaming up with electro-pop singer Elohim. Together, they make a wavy jam in similar vein of both BØRNS and Lorde.

We picture this song played as part of the soundtrack at an Urban Outfitters store, calming us down while we buy overpriced hipster clothes we can’t afford (hey, at least it’s not a Rover or our roommate’s mattress though, right Chainsmokers?).

But who is Elohim, anyway? Much like many greats have done before her, this mystery feature maker keeps her name and face hidden, even doing so in interviews.

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What isn’t hidden, however, is Louis The Child’s spring 2017 tour dates! Linked below is the new song. If you like what you hear, you should go see the trio IRL. Life Backstage will be seeing them at #Fest and on tour March 4 in Columbus. In these trying times, who isn’t trying to make sure “Love Is Alive”?


Featured Image: Earmilk

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