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The first year of Lunar Tide Music + Arts Festival will be held at The Portage Theater and boasts a multi-genre lineup full of some of our favorite producers and DJs: Dani Deahl, Luca Lush, Ekali, CRWNS, Antennae, and Chet Porter to name a few. Early Bird 2-day passes are a steal currently at $40 (while they last). May 20th and 21st will be two days packed full of forward-thinking sounds and artists who push the envelope towards the future. Definitely put this one on your radar.

Lunar Tide Music and Arts Festival is a celebration of not only the amazing music that inspires us, but of the art that surrounds us on a daily basis.

If this is how the first year of this festival is shaping up, I am excited to see where they head in years 2 and 3.

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