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DJ Khaled shows no signs of stopping in his new video with Lyft. The rap icon goes undercover in NYC under the pseudonym “Billy”, a locksmith and part-time driver for the taxi 2.0 company.
Some passengers didn’t immediately recognize him while other lost it the minute they sat down.

Dropping hints along the way for those who were still unsuspecting, Khaled tells them, “I’m a locksmith. I got all the keys, keys to everything … The key is to look out for everybody’s safety. That’s a major key.”

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Of course the safety of his passengers was number one for the superstar, although we did find that he’s not a fan of red lights, because nothing can slow the heavy Snapchat-handed producer down. There was also plenty of small talk between himself and the unsuspecting passengers, mentioning some of his favorite hobbies like jet skiing and his hopes of owning a pet lion.

Once he did reveal himself to the unsuspecting few, they all FREAKED.
Check out the video below and tweet us your thoughts!

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