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While not all good trends start in high school (uhhhh, cinnamon challenge and die anybody?), the #MannequinChallenge was one that teenagers across America nailed…before their favorite rappers and DJ’s crushed any feeble attempt with professional effects and crowds full of people. 

This viral video challenge is based on the idea that a camera is panning through a scene of people stuck- yes, like mannequins- in various positions. It’s like capturing a moment stuck in time and it’s cool AF. Granted there have been so many to go big at this point that we’re a little over it…but the few, the proud, the following were shot epicly and we just can’t stop watching. 

3LAU nailed his with a grimy remix of the Rae Sremmurd song “Black Beetles” which has become the standard track for the Mannequin Challenge. That and the cameraman creates a “wading through the crowd” effect we keep pressing replay on.

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One of our favorite new trap artists, Party Thieves, killed his mannequin challenge collab with Mashed ‘N Kutcher on the video below…this is one of two the #TheftArmy leader made but it takes the cake with a mid-song stop that almost every audience member participates properly in (there’s always that one guy too hyped to stop moving, smh). See the second video here.

And we had to add in marshmello’s attempt at keeping it completely mello during this mannequin challenge in front of a huge crowd during one of the artist’s stops along his Ritual Tour. What makes this video watchable over and over is how the sea of #mellogang members burst out in the lyrics loudly at the chorus. 

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