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There’s something about a well produced track with thoughtful lyrics that gets me really excited. Usually, because they’re a reminder of past memories (whether good or bad); they have the power to comfort us during low points and elevate our highs. We become connected to the artists that resonate the most with our feelings. Yet, not every artist has the ability to pull at our heart strings like some do.

For me, Kaskade has always been my savior when I needed a pick me up. His songs are the epitome of what’s mentioned above and there are only a handful of artists I’ve come across that can replicate that same kind of vibe. Enter Markus Cole.

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Markus Cole, a songwriter and producer from Canada, proves his capacity to combine all the right elements with his most recent single “This Time” featuring Lauren Cole. The simple but sweet melody is refreshing and full of intricate builds and even better drops. Singer Lauren Cole gives the song a feeling of warmth and grandeur that’s truly addictive.

The single is also available for FREE DOWNLOAD through Soundcloud.

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