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Hakuna Matoma! It means no worries for the rest of your days…oops… I meant album! Norwegian electronic act Matoma released his “False Alarm” single, which has been soaring the airwaves, as well as North American dates for his “Party At Your Place” tour.

“False Alarm” is Matoma’s collaboration with British female vocalist Becky Hill featuring bright and bubbly mainstream sound with his tropical house take. Listen here.

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He has incorporated other artists such as Akon and Jason Derulo into his album; however, it’s Becky Hill’s gentle and melodic top line that became the perfect curve ball for Hakuna Matoma. When asked about the single, he said…

“For me I’m just so inspired by incredible vocals, and I think Becky has one of the most special voices I’ve ever heard, it’s such an honor to collaborate with her on this track. When I heard her first demo vocal I got goosebumps, it was so good we ended up keeping it! I’m so excited about this song coming out and being the soundtrack to my summer.”

In addition, 29 “Party At Your Place” tour dates were announced as well, with special appearances from Cheat Codes, Steve Boid and Baynk. Discover which dates you’ll need to be free on in this Billboard article.

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