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Michael Christmas might not be a household name just yet, but his follow-up Baggy Eyes is the perfect present to gift lovers of indie rap after the success of his cult acclaimed What A Weird Day.

This eight-track EP is slightly throwback with emphasis on the synergy of melody and bassline plus pronounced backbeats more often heard in early 90s R&B and rap. It’s catchy as hell with one song flowing into the next. The tracks produced by LORDFUBU are some of my favorites. So smooth and charming, like the perfect amount of swag for a Saturday night.

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The Boston bred rapper released What A Weird Day in October 2015, although first garnered attention with his unexpected hit “Michael Cera” in 2013. Michael Christmas, though relatively young, has lyrics that sound not only wise beyond his industry experience but also relatable and easy-to-repeat.

While “Cell Phone” is certainly a single on the EP and what will probably pick up the most attention for its anti-technology stance, don’t sleep on “International Champion” which sounds like something I used to blare on my multi-speaker bedroom stereo system circa 1996.

What do you guys think about the XXL Freshmen 2016 nominee? Love the indie rap game or not?
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