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Michael Francis Seander Jr., better known as Mike Stud, will be making the jump from YouTube to national television on June 21st when Esquire Network premieres his new show, This is Mike Stud. This is Mike Stud is an 8-part docuseries covering his 41 city Back 2 You Tour, which featured rising hip-hop acts Futuristic and Moosh & Twist

In the sneak peak episode, as seen on YouTube below, we take a trip from L.A. to Rhode Island to meet Mike’s family after finishing his highly anticipated album These Days. We also meet Mike’s team of friends responsible for helping him run what is now a six-figure music business. There’s his best friend and childhood next door neighbor Blue, Paddy (writer/director), Kilmer the Filmer (videographer), Fader (the DJ), Foley (creative director) and his manager, Gerry. Although they are all the closet of friends, Mike makes it clear that they all have a job, and it’s imperative they execute it at the highest level. 

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On their final day in Rhode Island, the boys shoot scenes to Mike’s lead single and music video “These Days” featuring Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman. After finishing the shoot Mike is eager to get back to L.A. to see his new girlfriend Josie Canseco. Josie is a model and Playboy’s Miss June 2016, as well as the daughter of former MLB player Jose Canseco. Once Stud and his team return to L.A. he releases his new album These Days on iTunes, and to no surprise it rockets to #1 on the Hip-Hop charts in the first 20 minutes. The team celebrated by popping champagne as they continued to prepare for the first leg of tour. 

After watching the first episode of the new series I can say I’m excited to continue watching Mike and the boys to see how they balance partying, being on tour, and the stress of each other’s company. You can continue to watch This is Mike Stud June 21st on Esquire Network, or catch Mike live on the These Days Summer Tour.  

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