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The music industry…
It’s glamorous, it’s gritty.
It will kick your butt and you will say “thank you.”
You learn, you love, you write, you produce, you get seen, you get heard.
You will make long-lasting friendships and corporate connections.
It’s a game you will be strategizing every second of every day.
But it’s worth it. So much more than worth it.

If you feel the same, we invite you to join the Life Backstage.

The Life Backstage is looking for smart, witty writers and social media influencers with distinct POVs and the motivation to share what’s new and next in music (EDM, Rap, Hip-Hop, Country and Indie). If you have skills in writing, photography/videography, social media and/or WordPress e-mail your answers to the Qs below…


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For Writers:

1. Name your top three favorite artists right now.
2. Who is an emerging artist that deserves more recognition?
3. List ideas you think would make for great pieces on Life Backstage.
4. What other publications (online or in-print) do you read?
5. Are you in school, if so where? Where else do you write/intern?
6. How many posts can you reasonably write per week?

For Photo/Video:

1. Submit samples of your work (must have experience shooting concerts, nightlife).
2. Why do you want to work with Life Backstage?
3. What was the hardest event you’ve had to capture and why? How did you make it work?
4. Are you in school, if so where? Where else do you work?
5. If chosen, what is your availability (i.e. if we ask on a Friday for you to come on a Saturday, can you do it)?

What you can expect:

  • First-hand experience with professionals in the entertainment industry.
  • A dynamic environment for developing your talents to get a foot in the door.
  • Exclusive experiences (interviews, meet and greets and a “life backstage” experience).
  • Free tickets, often including a +1, for shows and festivals. 
  • An internship experience where your input matters.

Submit resume and your answers to: contact@lifebackstage.com.

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