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A major music icon has passed away. It was announced the renowned artist, Prince Rogers Nelson, better known to fans as “Prince” died Thursday morning at his home in Minnesota. The singer was 57 years old.  The story is still developing, but as the whole world mourns, we at The Life Backstage would like to commemorate the contributions Prince gave the music industry and look at which artists were inspired by his iconic sound.

During his legendary career, Prince was able to blend the sounds of various genres to create a unique style of music recorded onto timeless albums such as For You (1978), Dirty Mind (1980) and Purple Rain (1984). His eccentric style could be heard in his music and scene during his live performances. The combination of the two lead him to become one of the largest acts in the world. He continuously sold out concerts venues, received platinum certifications and entertained millions of fans.

Some his greatest hits include the pre-millennium party song “1999”, the electric “Let’s Go Crazy” and the grooving hit “When a Dove Cries.” Other Prince classics include “Kiss”, “Batdance” and of course, “Little Red Corvette”.

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Prince’s influence has greatly impacted several of the world’s greatest artists. He rewrote the “rulebook” for taste making in pop culture throughout generations. Individuals such as The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Mick Jagger, 2Pac, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Steve Wonder and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers have all claimed Prince made an impact on them. Needless to say, the sound of music would not be the same if it wasn’t for Prince.

The music industry has truly lost one of its best. For over three decades, Prince has been a major figure in pop music. Prince was an innovator. He was known for his crazy and flamboyant stage presence and wide vocal range. As one of the most influential musicians of his times, he won seven Grammy Awards, earned 30 nominations and had five singles top the charts. He left an impact on every aspect of pop culture. Rest in peace Prince, an icon gone, but never forgotten.


Article co-written by The Life Backstage writers Nate Hug, Alexandra Boac, and Brittany Landers.

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