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Passion (or in my case, a giant double espresso) is the driving force behind all things accomplished and this week’s New Music Monday. They say good thing come to those who wait…if so, this playlist is about to blow your mind and speakers.

Getting jacked up on caffeine and electronic music makes all things are possible, including curating an 80-track playlist of all the hottest tracks released this week.No really, I did that, and I know it’s borderline crazy but I did it. High five.

Anyway, now that I’m done being sassy, let’s talk about what’s especially great on this playlist, like Kygo‘s album “Cloud Nine” featuring 13 tracks of tropical bliss. Plus, KSHMR released a 12-piece EP that is full of spunky house music. Then we have that trippy rap-rave group Die Antwoord premiering two tracks off their forthcoming mixtape, that are so freaky you have to reconsider atleast twice.

On top of that, there is more bass than I know what to do with (which is an excellent problem to have) with Datsik‘s Firepower Records‘ compilation album release plus the Kill The Noise remix EP + Yultron‘s EP + Dr. Ozi‘s EP + Xilent‘s EP (okay, do you get it?). Let’s get into the music so I can slowly ween myself off the juice that’s got me so loose…


Kygo – Cloud Nine [Album]


Firepower Records – Shellshock Kamikaze [Compilation Album]


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KSHMR – The Lion Across The Field [EP]


Kill The Noise – ALT Classic [Remix EP]


Yultron – Sushi, Friends, & Everything Awesome [EP]


Astrix – He.art Album Mix 


Xilent – Your System [EP]


Dr. Ozi – Stampede [EP]

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