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Major Lazer & Justin Bieber’s new single“Cold Water” has without a doubt been received with a huge amount of accolades already. While it took around three months for “Lean On” to reach the top of Spotify’s global chart, “Cold Water” outperformed that feat within just four days after its release…and the song only continues to gain momentum.

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There haven’t been the normal amount of flips and remixes for a song of this magnitude. To the surprise and excitement of many, however, Afrojack played an unreleased remix at Weekend Festival Baltic in Estonia. Recently shifting gears and breaking out of the pop drops he is known for, this future bass remix is highly impressive with punchy kicks and complex vocal chops that have the fans comparing it to the sound of marshmello. 

Listen to the original “Cold Water” by Major Lazer and Justin Bieber here!

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